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Membership ONLY £45 per year INCLUDES free advertising for 12 months on Connect Furness

*All Membership Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time. It is your responsibility to cancel with Paypal.  Unless the subscription is stopped any payments received cannot be refunded. Your payment plan is frozen for the duration of your Membership.

As a paid up member of Connect Furness, we will post a full page advert on our website, promoting your company, with all the relevant links to your Business Website, Blog, Twitter & Facebook Page.

Members of Connect Furness are able to take advantage of advertising their business and any seasonal promotions or offers for free after paying a yearly subscription of only £45.

This year sees the launch of our Connect Advantage Card encouraging local businesses, support agencies, business groups and individuals to buy locally, creating a sense of loyalty in the local economy which will be of benefit to the whole community.

We look forward to the participation of all Connect Furness Members to this scheme.

Your Connect Advantage Discount specific to our cardholders, will be regularly promoted on our Social Media Platform to our ever growing community.

Why Connect Advantage?

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We at Connect Furness strive to maintain a spirit of goodwill and unity among the traders of Furness and will be holding meetings and other events to encourage  networking between all members.   (You will be notified of these via email and our Social Media sites).

Meanwhile Connect Furness will be working relentlessly behind the scenes to run events that will encourage local communities to see the advantages of using local businesses.  It is our hope as a member you will participate in these events.

By working together we can create a stronger, more resilient local economy.

Connect Furness

Actively promoting businesses to a wider audience whilst re-establishing links with their local community.