Connecting Businesses, People and Organisations.

Connect Furness, actively promoting businesses to a wider audience whilst re-establishing links with their local community.

The Connect Furness team feels passionately about local businesses, local shops, local shopping, and our local communities.  We are campaigning to keep our towns & villages vibrant, prosperous, clean, safe and attractive places in which to live, visit, work, play, do business and invest in.

“Town centres are key to our economic and social prosperity. They are centres of employment and services for local communities.” A. Neil

With a growing number of local businesses in recent years losing their share of customers to out-of-town superstores, many shops and traders have been finding it difficult to survive.  By working  together and building relationships between local business, support agencies, business groups and individuals, we can create a sense of loyalty in the local economy which will benefit everyone.

Effective management of town centres is essential for enhancing and sustaining their vitality and viability.

We at Connect Furness are campaigning for people and businesses to have a greater say in how local public services are delivered. We also want a recognition of the importance of focusing    regeneration and renewal around the needs of communities and neighbourhoods.

Our new service focuses purely on local businesses and we aim to provide them with a   powerful local marketing force in order for them to compete with their larger rivals.

Set up  specifically to generate more business for small traders  Our aims are simple.

  • To emphasise the importance of B2B.
  • Connecting buyers and sellers within our communities.
  • Forming good partnerships and working collaboratively with local organisations
  • Building social networks within communities
  • Promoting events to  encourage communities to use local businesses

Organising Events in the region to attract a new outside audience, to the benefit of the local  economy, local businesses and the people within our communities.

By working together we can create a sense of loyalty in the local economy which will  benefit everyone

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