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Complimentary Natural Healthcare Council CNHC

British Institute of Hypnotherapy & NLP (B.I.H)

International association of Counsellors & Therapists (I.A.C.T)

Life Improving Services, some not available elsewhere in Cumbria

Positive life changes via advanced Hypnotherapy & non Hypnosis methods whether physical pain for pain management or emotional pain, to quit a habit i.e. stop smoking or for hypnotic gastric mind band to loose weight maybe help to overcome anxiety or stress

West Cumbria: Whitehaven Workington Maryport Wigton Egremont Cockermouth Aspatria

Qualified to provide services which are not available elsewhere in Cumbria.

Please find a list of these services below and each is linked to a further information website.


InnerVision-Cumbria is owned and run by John D Cinderey, a well mannered, mature family man with a wealth of life experience including many years in HM forces.

  • John covers West Cumbria with offices in Harrington, Workington and at the Senhouse Centre in Whitehaven.
  • Profession: Hypnotherapist, Hypno – Analysist, Counsellor & Coach
  • Professional Associations: CNHC, BIH & IACT
  • Fully qualified and insured.

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On my 17th birthday I joined HM Forces and was a serving soldier for 14 years.   On leaving the Forces I trained and worked as a Police Officer, in my 14th  year,  an injury I received while on duty resulted in reduced mobility and I was left with no option but to retire on medical grounds.

With a strong desire to continue as a useful member of society I needed to look for alternative employment options. As I still had my voice and was of sound mind, I recognised that talking therapy was well within my ability.

Qualifications & Training

  • Advance Certified Hypnotherapist, B.A.Hyp;

  • Quantum Pain Therapist B.A.Hyp

  • WSN L1 Counselling/Coach Dip (EICH)

  • WSN L2 Counselling/Coach Dip (EICH)

  • Hypno gastric Band practitioner (British Academy Hypnosis)

  • Certified Parts Therapy Facilitator (R. Hunter Tebbets foundation)

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapist Dip (SNHS)

  • Trained/experienced in Hypno-Analysis Dip (EICH)

  • Trained/experienced Quantum Focusing (M. Ellner)

  • Trained/experienced Regression to cause (EICH, IACT))

  • Trained/experienced Past life Regression (B.A.Hyp)

  • Past life Regression Psychotherapy Dip (SNHS)

  • Trained in Hypnosis without trance techniques.

Too many ill trained complimentary ‘therapists’ talk about quick fix and ‘no need to release a problem’, they simply treat the symptom by use of direct suggestion.

Unfortunately there are some ‘hypnotherapists’ who do nothing more than read from a selected ‘script’ out of a book or from the internet, but the content of a generalised script does not take into account the clients individual requirements or circumstances.

Secondly many clients have issues which are rooted in some subconscious urge/drive/behaviour due to a causation factor which creates a response pattern and/or behaviour pattern and so suggestion direct or indirect may have no effect or maybe temporary relief.

Sadly when the client either fails to see change or only gets temporary relief it then re-enforces their belief that they cannot be helped. I have had to help such people who have been ‘treated’ by ”those types of  therapists” and have had to undo the damage to their belief system before going on to help them succeed with positive change.

To guide someone into Hypnosis is the easy part, people go in and out of some level of the hypnotic state on a regular basis during their lives. What is impossible, is for one person to ‘put’ another into hypnosis, because all hypnosis is actually self hypnosis. A hypnotherapist is simply a facilitator/guide who helps a person to self hypnotise.

It is the therapeutic intervention during that state which leads to desired change. It is a fact that a correctly trained and skilled therapist knows that by getting to the cause AND dealing with it then there is no need for the symptom to exist!

Specialising in Pain relief, phobia release and inner conflict resolution but … my experience ranges from helping/release from simple, weird or strange afflictions, phobias and habits right up to the release of deep issues including release from life long trauma following sexual assault during childhood. Release of pain emotional or physical, helping people experience past life experiences, guide people into recognising their strengths and resources, resolving inner conflict (common in all of us through the passing down of ancestral memory).

If you have questions, want to find out more or just want a chat please contact John at Innervision-Cumbria

by phone:-

Call 0800 228 9186 

Mobile 07588 784 270

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