What is “The Boosting Furness” Initiative?

What is “The Boosting Furness” Initiative?

The Boosting Furness Group is an informal public/private sector partnership. Promoted and supported by Furness Enterprise, Barrow Borough Council, Cumbria Tourism, schools & colleges and large & small businesses.

Boosting Furness Group

The Boosting Furness Group is an informal public/private sector partnership. promoted and supported by Furness Enterprise, Barrow Borough Council, Cumbria Tourism, schools & colleges and large & small businesses.


To boost Furness as a brand through positive “joined up marketing”, bringing
all the local councils together, working across the areas to attain common goals, supporting the way people and their livelihoods, promoting sustainable opportunities to boost Furness  as a desired place to Live, Work, and Visit.


To promote the Furness Peninsula, linking Barrow with the rural Cumbria and to The Lake District National Park.

Identify and realise “sustainable opportunities” for communities.

“It’s about embracing the area as a whole, celebrating what we have to offer.”

The energy and informal nature of the initiative is such that individuals get together outside  group meetings and push forward on projects with other  stakeholders.

Effectively the opposite of politics as interests can be voiced and supported. “Your success is our success”. A fine example of this is the  South Lakes Wild Animal Park, a world class family attraction, their success is beneficial to us all.

The Boosting Barrow and Furness group also a sounding board for future initiatives and always welcomes new suggestions.

Click Heew To Purchase The Boosting Barrow Guide to FurnessWhether it is the survival of a small market town like Ulverston or visitor attractions such as the Dock Museum, the group works together and their positive attitude and enthusiasm for Furness, helps to form and realise solutions, generating a list of marketing opportunities and producing promotional material such as the “Sense of  Place” brochure.

We are also able to support a wider remit like the Britain’s Energy Coast.

Twinning Furness with Japan, demonstrating a need for community cohesion.

With the challenges facing the leadership over the local economy,  L.E.P’s have an increasingly, important role to play. The Boosting Furness Group will apply the word” local” into practical arrangements, realising opportunities we know exist.

This is particularly important when it comes to supporting young people in their aspirations and careers, with the support of committed local government, elected representatives and their staff.

We look forward establishing a realistic marketing strategy for the local economy, using our strength of  “positive communication” to broadcast local values and maintain the support of the stake holders.

Timothy Bell – Chair


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