We love walking and so does your dog

We love walking and so does your dog

Dogs learn a great deal as they exercise,  so it makes great sense to integrate the training programme with their regular exercise routine.  This makes training less stressful for your dog and gives him time to play.  Mental stimulation and exercise,  what fun. A HAPPY, HEALTHY DOG and a contented owner.

Our Walk, Play & Train Programme is a unique, exciting, dog friendly alternative to the more formal methods of training your pet.

Once we develop a personalised programme, we will take your dog out several times each week, to socialise, exercise and most importantly, learn.

  • Your four-legged companion will learn to sit politely while having their collar and lead put on and removed.
  • They will learn to wait at open doors and gateways.
  • During our walks, your dog will learn to walk on a loose lead and we will teach him/her that it is not acceptable to jump upon or over react to other people, dogs, cars and livestock.
  • We will work with your dog on every outing, teaching him/her new skills and helping the dog to perfect them.

Walking your dog is incredibly important, it improves their social skills, gives them great mental stimulation as well as physical exercise, in addition to teaching your dog to respond to your requests even when surrounded with distractions.

We combine your dogs training with his regular walks & play times, helping to teach him/her new skills.

We will give you a review of the work with training notes so you know exactly what your dog has achieved and are able to continue his training at home.

Training your dog should be positive, productive and rewarding, combine this with walking your pet and it really can be lots of fun.

A fun training programme that will last a lifetime.

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  • Reliable
  • Honest
  • Experienced Dog Handler
  • Fully Insured
  • Flexible Walking Times

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