Truly Global …

We would just like to say a huge thankyou to each and every one of you for following our blog and paying us a visit.  

It is truly amazing we have friends visiting us from all corners of the globe. From Canada to Peru, from the USA to Europe, Australia to Norway, South Africa to the Ukraine.

We make up quite a community, don’t we? We’re just awaiting visits from Japan and a few countries in central Africa.  Oh, and we would love for our compatriots from Point Barrow in Alaska to join us.

We would like to take this opportunity to say a warm hello, to all our friends and followers and welcome you to Visit Furness and the South Lakes.

The Furness Peninsula is a quiet, sometimes forgotten but very beautiful part of  Cumbria. We are proud of our small market towns, charming villages, winding roads, wild open fells and  stunning coastlines.

With a long history and a rich heritage, we have Castles and Abbeys, Bishops and Monks, Lakes and Rivers, quaint old pubs and stunning hotels, tempting tea shops and excellent restaurants.

The area can offer excitement or quiet solitude, adventure sports or gentle rambles. Whatever you are looking for, I am sure the historic and captivating Furness can deliver.  And we are looking forward to sharing these delights with you over the following months.

 The introductiion of Social Media really has give us all an international platform.