Your Voice In The Event of A Medical Emergency

MediPAL ~ Medical Alert ID Card.  Your voice in the event of a Medical Emergency,  Your important Medical History instantly accessible.

MediPAL ® the original Medical Alert Card, is an ingenious way of making sure that if you have a medical emergency, your personal medical status is immediately available, wherever and whatever the situation you may find yourself in.

MediPAL ~ An Emergency Contact Card that fits neatly into your purse or wallet.

The MediPAL® Card with its unique and simple design allows medical staff to easily recognize the card as your own personal Emergency ID. It gives instant access, to your important medical history and prescription drugs. This really  matters when a quick diagnosis is vital.

Each card costs £14.99 and includes two free updates for the life of the card. No annual fees – no call centre or computers required accessing your personal medical details. Thus, saving valuable time in an emergency. The card is printed with all the  information you will need, your prescription drugs, medical history, contact details in the event of an emergency and your doctors details.

MediPAL is invaluable when visiting hospital clinics, the pharmacy, doctors, dentists and when travelling, from home.



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Medical Emergency Card shows Prescription Details and Medical History