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D.S. TRAINING is the answer to all your nutritional, fitness, rehabilitation, educational and training needs.

Our fully qualified and friendly Fitness Team are dedicated to help all our customers get the results they want and to help them enjoy a fitter and healthier lifestyle regardless of age, size, lifestyle, shape or ability!

The DS Training Mission

“To offer all customers the most research based, valid and specific exercise programmes that will transform the way they exercise and to support this with outstanding levels of customer support.”

Personal Training in Cumbria

Diane Singleton has been a fitness instructor for 17 years with many recognised qualifications. Advanced gym instructor, nutritional qualification, ante & post natal, GP Referral, senior exercise, advanced fitness instructor. As well as being a tutor of instructors-tutoring up to level 3 and GP referrals qualifications.

Why do I need a personal trainer?

Three reasons really, motivation, advice and encouragement. We will even help you when you’re not training, by giving you expert advice on nutrition and lifestyle changes. Personal trainers don’t just help you achieve your goals. They help you achieve them much, much faster. With their help, you can burn 50% more calories per session. You can even burn calories up to four hours after you’ve stopped exercising.

What makes our personal trainers so effective?

Diane Singleton is a tutor for GP referrals and advanced level gym, as well as holding lots of other qualifications, which means she possesses the latest thinking based on specialist knowledge and scientific research.

But we’re not talking Drill Sergeants. Diane is friendly, and a highly qualified expert. So she knows the best way to make working out more effective is to make sure you enjoy it. Diane will spend time getting to know you and devising a programmed that works best for your individual needs. They’ll find out how to keep you motivated and show you new exercises to get the most from your workouts.

What can I achieve?

The simple answer is anything. Just ask anyone that has been trained by Diane.

What next?

For 2011, Diane has designed specific packages so you can lose weight or simply shape up fast. Why not try one of her Shape Change and Weight Change packages include 10 sessions, free body and fitness assessments, nutrition and diet advice with before and after goal reviews.

Or you can purchase one on one coaching in blocks of three or ten to help ensure you are staying on track.


We have many ways for Men, Women and Children to reach their health and fitness goals. We know that everyone’s lifestyle changes from week to week and not everyone wants to make a monthly commitment. We pride ourselves on having a price range to suit every pocket.



£4.50 per Class

£4.50 per GYM SESSION – Peak times

£3.50 per GYM SESSION – Off Peak

Special offer to all full time students – 1 month pass only £20.00


STANDING ORDERS £35.00 for all Classes, Gym Sessions and Diet sessions.

MONTHLY PASS – GYM ONLY – £25.00- There are no restricted times for you to use the gym with this pass.

MONTHLY PASS – GYM and CLASSES £38.00- This is paid over the counter and does not have to come out of your bank per month.

13 SESSION PASS-£40.00- This pass lasts for the length of time it takes you to do 13 sessions. The pass only runs out when you have worked out 13 times.

DS Classes

Our new timetable has a great number of classes available to help you reach your goals. You can choose from Body Combat, Zumba, Spinning, Body Pump, Pilates body step, Body Attack to mention just a few. In every class we give options to accommodate all levels of fitness. Come along and have fun and see the results. Every class offers something different, so we would suggest giving all the classes a go until you find what works for you.

Did you know? – Our exercise classes are so social and enjoyable you’ll find yourself motivated to keep coming back for more.

DS Training is renowned for its high quality fitness classes that are simple, effective and fun. Joining a class are also a great way to make new friends. Being part of a group is a superb way to stay motivated.

Please click on this link to download the April 2011 timetable

You don’t have to book in advance, as we have 2 large studios and a separate spinning room . So you can be sure you’ll find something you’ll love that fits perfectly with your lifestyle.

Class Types – You can choose from a number of different exercise classes at D.S. Training, each with specific benefits.

Our classes won’t just keep you fit, they’ll keep you smiling too. It’s our belief that fitness should be fun. That is why we offer a diverse range of exercise classes designed to stimulate your enjoyment just as much as your muscles.

Flavour of Fitness

Each month we will have a taster class available, to introduce friends and family to the different classes we have available. Please check the TIMETABLE or OFFERS SECTION to find out what is available this month.

How much exercise or how many classes are enough?

What guidelines should you follow in our classes as to how much exercise you should be doing each week?

Being overweight affects more than 66% of the adult population and is associated with a variety of chronic diseases.

Sedentary people typically gain 17 to 20 lbs of body weight, mainly fat, between the ages of 18 and 55 years followed by 2 to 4lbs in the next decade.

Clearly, we need Guidelines for the amount of exercise that will prevent weight gain. How much exercise will allow us to lose weight and how much exercise do we need to prevent weight gain after we’ve lost weight?

The American college of sports medicine came up with these strict guidelines

Moderate – intensity physical activity between 150 – 250 minutes per week is effective to prevent weight gain. That’s roughly between 2½ to 4 hours of exercise per week just to maintain your weight (3 – 4 classes).

This recommendation will only provide moderate weight loss if you have gained weight. Greater amounts of physical activity, around 300 minutes or 5 hours per week (5 classes), have been associated with clinically significant weight loss, and with keeping off lost weight.

To summarise….

2 ½ to 4 hours per week if you’re healthy and around 5 hours per week, if you want to lose weight & keep it off once you have lost it.

Resistance training of moderate to vigorous intensity twice a week is also highly recommended if you want to tone up and trim down.

A combination of 2 aerobic and 2 weight sessions per week are a great way to meet the recommended number of sessions per week. Please ask your instructor for the best combination of classes.

Please phone us on 01229 877770 if you would like further information.

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