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Welcome to the Busy Mum’s Club

A site for Mums to Be, Mums, Grand Mums and Great Grand Mums. The Busy Mum’s Club offers expert advice and information, that is professional, friendly and totally family orientated.  A place to make friends and  to talk to other women about the issues that are important to you.

Welcome To Busy Mums Club

The Busy Mums Club is a one stop shop of information. If we don’t know the answer we will endeavour to find the information for you as quickly as possible. We want to make a life a little easier for busy Mums everywhere. We will provide a reliable source of information for Mums and their families.

Our Mission Is Simple – Making a Mums life easier, more enjoyable and as stress free as possible, enabling the whole family to have a more rewarding time together. A Mum should have the comfort of knowing that there is a support network of people out there, willing to help. Mums with a wealth of experience who want you to enjoy your family as much as they do.

Busy Mums Club, a one stop shop of useful information for Mums.

Email – connectcumbria@gmail.com

Tel – 01229 847829

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