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Pole Dance Your Way To Fitness

Pole Dance your way to Fitness.  Controversial? Maybe…But is there a better way to have a great laugh, get fit and tone up? I doubt it.

Pole dancing is trading up from the seedy image of lap dancing clubs to the respectability of dance studios, gyms and in homes all over the country.

Pole dancing has evolved, shed its skin and emerged an exciting way to get fit.  It is now a dance form that can be appreciated by all.

You too can achieve this....

Pole dancing is amazing for exercise. When you go to a pilates class you can build up your flexibility and control, when you weight lift in a gym you build your strength, when you swim or do zumba or aerobics, you will improve your cardiovascular fitness which assists weight-loss and stamina.

BUT WHEN YOU POLE….. You tackle all of these in one. There are many benefits. It  gives you both a great aerobic and anaerobic work out, a good session can burn up to 400 calories an hour. It is brilliant for both developing strength and toning your entire body, especially arms, thighs, buttocks and abs. You can also expect to see your flexibility and posture improve too. This aside  it is great fun.

Many people experience a feeling of empowerment through practicing the art of pole. The emotional benefits include, an increased feeling of self-confidence and an all over feeling of well being. You feel stronger, taller and more confident. If you can nail that thigh-hold you can do anything…. ; )

Pole Dancing is for everyone...

Pole Art is increasingly seen as a sport, and as an art form. A fantastic way to keep fit,  it is also beautiful to watch. Pole Art incorporates gymnastics, ballet and modern dance. Through practice you will be able to master many of the skills, including spins, climbs, static poses and body inverts. Pole dancing is an aerial art form, it requires skill, similar to those of circus performers. And they spend many years perfecting and fine tuning their art.

So who pole dances? Its got to be super-slim young women, right? Wrong! Pole dancing is for everyone, young,old, male, female, people of all different shapes and sizes. Providing you are in a good state of health you too, can become a pole dancer. I have heard of women as wise as 80 years of age pole dancing and men are putting another exciting spin on the sport, there are now male categories across the world. And you do not need to worry about being extremely fit or flexible, in your lessons we gradually build up your skills, strength and flexibility.

Laughter, Fun & Fitness

So when you’ve got yourself toned and fit, and you can elegantly flip yourself upside down and hang gracefully from one foot, what then? You may want to try your hand at winning a medal. The Art of Pole is taking the world by storm. Competitions to celebrate the sport are held worldwide, from Manchester to Sydney, from Tokyo to California. There is even talk of Pole Dancing becoming an Olympic sport.

Whether you are looking for a new hobby, wanting to compete, get fit or just have some fun, pole dancing is for you.

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